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Paul Hindemith - Kleine Kammermusik op. 24 nr 2

for wind quintet

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Material type Live Audio Recording
Date 21-09-1962
Duration 925

Kleine Kammermusik, Op. 24 No. 2 for flute, oboe and clarinet by the German composer Paul Hindemith performed at the 6th "Warsaw Autumn" International Festival of Contemporary Music.

The piece was performed by The Dorian Quintet (John Perras - flute, David Perkett - oboe, Artur Bloom - clarinet, Jane Taylor - bassoon, William Bron - horn) on 21 September 1962 at the Warsaw Philharmonic Chamber Hall.

It consists of five movements:

  1. Lustig. Mäßig schnell Viertel;
  2. Walzer: Durchweg sehr leise;
  3. Ruhig und einfach;
  4. Schnelle Viertel;
  5. Sehr lebhaft.

[programme book cover design: Wojciech Zamecznik]

First and last name Paul Hindemith
Function Composer
Date of birth 16-11-1895
Date of death 28-12-1963
Name The Dorian Quintet
Function Performer
Related persons
First and last name John Perras
Function flute
First and last name David Perkett
Function oboe
First and last name Artur Bloom
Function clarinet
First and last name Jane Taylor
Function bassoon
First and last name William Brown
Function horn
Name 6th Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music 1962
Place Warsaw
Start date 15-09-1962
End date 23-09-1962
Related institutions
Name Polish Composers' Union
Function Organiser
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