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Bolesław Szabelski - Symphony No. 4

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Material type Live Audio Recording
Date 19-09-1978
Duration 1575

The performance of Bolesław Szabelski's Symphony No. 4 at the 22nd Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music.

The work was performed by the Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Karol Stryja on 19th September 1978 at the Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall.

The symphony consists of three parts:

  1. Grave lento. Allegro molto;
  2. Adagio;
  3. Allegro assai.

[programme book cover design: Waldemar Świerzy]

First and last name Bolesław Szabelski
Function Composer
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Date of birth 03-12-1896
Date of death 27-08-1979
Description Polish composer
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First and last name Karol Stryja
Function Conductor
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Date of birth 02-02-1915
Date of death 31-01-1998
Description Polish conductor and teacher
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Name Silesian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
Function Performer
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