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Roman Berger - Missa pro nobis (Kyrie)

for mezzo-soprano, narrator, choir, symphony orchestra and CD

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Material type Live Audio Recording
Date 19-09-2011
Duration 438

Polish premiere of Roman Berger's Missa pro nobis at the Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall on 19 September 2011 during the 54th "Warsaw Autumn" International Festival of Contemporary Music.

Performers: Denisa Šlepkovská - mezzo-soprano, Stanislav Beňačka - narrator, Choir and Orchestra of the Warsaw Philharmonic, Zsolt Nagy - conductor, Barbara Okoń-Makowska - sound projection.

Recorded and edited on a commission from the Polish Composers' Union by Andrzej Sasin & Aleksandra Nagórko, CD Accord.

First and last name Roman Berger
Function Composer
Date of birth 09-08-1930
Date of death 22-12-2020
First and last name Zsolt Nagy
Function Conductor
Year of birth 1957
First and last name Denisa Šlepkovská
Function Performer
Year of birth 1967
First and last name Stanislav Beňačka
Function Performer
First and last name Barbara Okoń-Makowska
Function Sound projection
Name 54th Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music 2011
Place Warsaw
Start date 16-09-2011
End date 24-09-2011
Related institutions
Name Polish Composers' Union
Function Organiser
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Title Roman Berger: Missa pro nobis
Type CD
Year 2020
Description Album released in the series "Polish Music Today: Portraits of Contemporary Polish Composers". Implemented in cooperation with the National Centre for Culture Poland. Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Polish Republic.
Related institutions
Name Polish Composers' Union
Function Production
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Name National Centre for Culture
Function Production